May 28, 2024


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Huawei – Reset Android – Part 4

The Huawei Ascend P6 is a phone that reached at it’s time the highest-end spot on Android devices. It was characterized as the slimmest phone in the Android mobile market when it made it’s debut.

To reset Android on Huawei Ascend P6 phone we will use the two popular methods: First, the combination of buttons that allows us to access the Android recovery system and secondly, if you still got access into your Android OS, then you will be able to restore the system from the settings menu of your Huawei Ascend P6.

Both methods erase all unnecessary data from the device, if it is your case, you can backup your information with an application of Google Play.

If you are trying to reset Android on your Huawei AScend P6 because you got it locked with a pattern lock that you forgot, then you will have to resource to the first method, the one that uses the phone buttons to perform the Android hard reset without the need of accessing your Android OS.

Unlock Android on Huawei Ascend P6, Hard Reset

This method involves pressing some buttons simultaneously to access the Android system recovery menu.  From there we can restore the Huawei Ascend P6 phone into its original factory version.

This type of restoration is useful for those who do not have access to the system either due to damage or because they have forgotten the unlock pattern.

The steps are:

  1. Turn off the phone and wait 10 seconds before going to the next step
  2. Press together the VOLUME DOWN and the POWER key for a few seconds
  3. When the recovery system appears, then depress those buttons
  4. Use the volume buttons to navigate through the options and select “Wipe Data / Factory reset” using the power button to confirm.

The process will take a few minutes. Your Huawei Ascend P6 will restart with the original factory settings.

RESET ANDROID IN Huawei Ascend P6, Through android’s settings MENU

Here’s how to reset Android Huawei Ascend P6 using the system menu itself. This method works for those who only want to do a reset for maintenance, or perhaps because you want to sell or give away your phone, but first erasing all your messages and contacts. The steps are:

  1. Access the settings section of your operating system
  2. Look for and select Backup & Reset
  3. Select Factory Data Reset
  4. Follow the steps to reset phone> erase all

And so the Huawei Ascend P6 will restart with original factory settings.

We return to the Huawei brand phones now in order to learn how to reset Android on the popular Huawei Ascend G300.

This is a phone running a version of Android 2.3 also codenamed Gingerbread.

Before starting our tutorial we must remember that this process will erase all data and settings from the Huawei Ascend G300

 leaving it with its original factory settings.

If you still can use the Android OS, maybe you will want to make a backup of your files through one of the many programs that we can find in the app store Google Play.

Reset Android on the Huawei Ascend G300 with buttons

The following reset method involves pressing a combination of buttons on your Huawei Ascend G300. This is a convenient method, specialy if you have been locked out from your phone, by forgetting or editing the blocking pattern. This “buttons” method, with several variants, is also available on many devices. It will give you a way to access the recovery menu, and from there to perform a factory reset on your

The steps are:

  1. While your phone is turned off, press the volume button and the power button together until the recovery screen appears.
  2. By using the volume buttons, move to the “Factory Reset / Wipe Data”.
  3. Use the power button to confirm it.
  4. Go down to “Yes – Delete All User Data” and reconfirms with the power button, wait until the process finishes.
  5. When the process is complete press the power button again to restart the phone.

The phone lights up like the first time of use. By following these simple steps we will have successfully reset Android on the Huawei Ascend G300.

Reset Android on the Huawei Ascend G300 Through Android settings menu

This second process is ideal if we have access to the device: we go to Settings> Backup and Restore> Factory data reset> Reset phone.

Another feature of this method is that we can choose whether or not delete data from the memory card of our Huawei Ascend G300.

With these simple steps can unlock Android the Huawei Ascend G300 easily and we can solve any questions in the comments section.

This tutorial will explain how to reset Android on a Huawei branded phone, the Huawei G510 also known as Orange Daytona, being exclusive to this company.

As always we have two ways to reset the Huawei G510 Android:

The first of these methods will be useful if you have no access to the operating system, due to that the device is working erratically or because you left it blocked and forgot the blocking pattern code. The later method can hard reset your Huawei G510 Orange Daytona from the Android menu, provided that you can access your phone’s operative system.

These two methods erase all data from your phone, it is important -if possible- that you consider to backup important files.

Hard reset  your Huawei G510 (Orange Daytona) by buttons

To hard reset your Android need to follow these steps:

  1. You need to start with your phone turned off: If you cannot turn it off, then remove the battery for at least 5 seconds, reinsert and wait another 5 seconds.
  2. Press the volume up button and the power button at the same time until the Orange logo appears.
  3. Press the Volume Up key until you see a small Android, release the button right there and continue.
  4. With the volume keys navigate into the  “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option and select the option with the power key.
  5. Confirm the hard reset with “Yes – Delete all user data”

The phone will reboot a couple of times.

Hard reset Android Huawei G510 (Orange Daytona) through the menu

The second method is much easier: As we know, all Android Operating System phones have an integrated reset method. To access it, you have to navigate from your home screen into Settings> Reset> Factory data reset> Reset Phone> Restart phone.  

With these two processes we can hard reset the Huawei G510 Android (Orange Daytona) in a simple and fast way, leaving your phone “as new”.