May 22, 2024


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How Social Media Is Changing Technology?

How Social Media Is Changing Technology

Since social media is rapidly evolving, so is technology. Back in the day, when social media was newly launched, it wasn’t too advanced (if compared to modern SM websites) and was merely used for people to connect with their family members and friends.

However, with the advancement of social media, technology has also revolutionized. Social media doesn’t only serve the purpose of connecting people across the globe but also allows brands to market their products/services effectively and helps get free real YouTube subscribers with innovative organic growth tools for increased brand awareness.

To enlighten you, we’ll discover how social media is changing technology in detail in this article.

Online Shopping Trend

Before the pandemic hit the world, people used to shop in person mostly. However, technology made it easier for people to shop online, especially through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

These platforms also have dedicated shopping features that allow e-commerce stores to display their products on their social media account and lure buyers into making a purchase without any hassle.

You can also find many small business owners selling products/services through their Instagram accounts. Some businesses leverage the Facebook Live feature and showcase their products in real-time to make potential buyers feel like they are making a purchase in person.

Easier Communication

Social media used to be limited to exchanging text messages earlier. As it boasts billions of users, it now offers plenty of other ways to stay connected through this platform.

Not to mention, before the advent of social media, there was no other method of hassle-free communication. People were limited to letters, landlines, and emails.

With social media, you can have conversations in real-time without having to wait for the recipient to reply after days. Social media also offers video chat options and even allows you to add multiple people to your video call at once.

You can update your status or stories on your account and keep your loved ones in the loop. All this creates convenience for people around the globe to stay connected with each other no matter how far they are.

The Rise of Mobile Devices

Thanks to the popularity of social media, we have access to robust mobile phones that can also work as professional cameras, file storage devices, and even laptops.

As most people use social media on their mobile phones, almost every social media platform has an app like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

It’s much easier to use social media on the go than sit on your laptop and log in to your accounts whenever you need access.

These mobile devices allow social media users to always stay up to date and save/share memories with their followers/friends instantly.

It’s essential to note how TikTok also caters to the needs of mobile phone users. It requires you to upload short-form vertical videos that are usually recorded through your phone. YouTube Shorts also require you to do the same.

Instagram is also an app-based social media platform. Although you can use it on your browser, it works best with all the features on mobile devices.

All this has led mobile phone developers to give something powerful and innovative to mobile phone users, such as better camera resolution, microphones, processors, displays, and batteries.   

Collecting Information

Social media is also significantly facilitating tech businesses and production companies to know the upcoming demands of their customers and how to bridge gaps in the market through their products and get ahead of their competitors.

Rather than spending a plethora of money on field surveys, social media provides them with all the information. Since every brand has a social media page, they keep receiving feedback from people on their social media profiles.

This is a great opportunity for tech companies to humanize their brand and bring their targeted audience closer. For instance, Apple stays updated with what feature its customers disliked in their recent release and overcomes it in the next launch.  

This helps them know what they can do better in the upcoming release of its products. Social media is also a great place for these tech companies to stay up to date with the trends and keep an eye on their competitors.

Improved Marketing Efforts

Rather than depending on the less cost-effective traditional methods of advertising, such as billboards, TV commercials, and newspapers, social media has paved the way for brands to market their products or services more effectively and with a lower budget.

Almost every social media platform, like Facebook and Instagram, lets you create targeted ads based on the demographics and interests of your relevant audience. This way, your ads are only shown to the audience who will actually take action (thanks to Artificial Intelligence).

In addition, influencer marketing is something that no one would have expected back in the day. You find social media influencers through innovative tools, collaborate with those relevant to your niche, and attract a new audience to your brand.

There’s no doubt how fast social media is changing technology for the better, and it will keep doing so as the number of social media users keeps proliferating. Not only individuals benefit from this innovative technology, but also businesses.