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Why your car won’t start and produces clicking noise

clicking noise

If your car is not starting and you hear a clicking noise when you are trying to start the car. It means that there is something wrong with your car. It is an alarming situation for your car.

Author: Ghulam Mustafa

First you need to check it out that your car is really clicking noise or just it is not getting started. If you really hear this sound while starting it, then there is an internal problem in your car.

But there is no need to worry about anything. First we need to find out that why this clicking noise produces? Here we have got some reason that might help you to know the causes to occur this noise.

What are the reasons and symptoms that make you hear clicking noise?

When your car is not getting started and clicking noise. You may have the several reasons to occur. Here we will discuss some of the basic reasons and symptoms that might cause clicking noise.

Reason 1 – Check your battery

First you need to find out that either the battery of your car is working properly or not? If Your answer is no then it can cause to occur a clicking noise.

As we all know that battery is the main power source for the whole parts of the car. So, when your car won’t start, it usually happens due to the battery or starter problem.

Reason 2 – Engine Problem

The second reason of producing clicking noise and not getting started because of engine problem. It means that your car engine needs to be repaired or replaced. Because engine is responsible to respond to the components of the car.

But if your car engine is out of order then it cannot respond to all the components of the car that are made to give it power. This can also leads to occur clicking noise.

Voltage problem can also leads to produce clicking noise. sometimes we ignore while charging the batteries, which can harm your battery a lot. So,  you need to maintain the voltage of your car battery.

For example, a reading of 12.65 volts is enough for your car battery to work properly and smoothly. But below the reading of 12.65 volts means that the battery is getting down. And above 12.65 volts can results in heat up the battery. In order to avoid this problem you need to maintain the reading.

Clicking noise is a bad starter

A bad starter can also cause of producing that problem. Because sometimes when your car is not getting started instantly and you go on trying it by turning the keys or pushing the start button.

At the same time jumping the car can also make you hear clicking noise. So, be careful and be patient while starting up the car.

There is also a possibility that your alternator it not working well. Because the alternator is supposed to charge the battery. But if it is not working well, your battery will never get charged. So, make it sure that your alternator is working correctly or not?


In this article, we have described in detail all the basic information like symptoms and reasons of clicking noise. We hope that this article will be helpful to you in finding the cause and reasons of not getting started your car.

If you still feel any inconvenience and want to get further information or want to suggest anything regarding this problem. So, you can make a contact with u It would be a pleasure for us to have your feedback. We will try to serve you as soon as possible.

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