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Top Clash of Clans Tricks Every COC Lover Should Know

clash of clans tricks

Clash of Clans has been an evergreen game when it comes to best strategy game on android device. No matter how many games are added to playstore, but clash of clans has a separate fan base and love of gamers for the game can’t be minimized. This guide is dedicated to all the clash of clans lovers out there, hope you love the tips and tricks shared below.

Designing A Base

As the first of Clash of Clans tricks, the base is the building block of the game hence it should be extremely strong, here are few tips how you can make one.

Base Design Explanation

  • Farming – This sort of base plan centers around getting a free 12 hour shield from rivals striking your base by having the Town Hall outside the walls. They will give you a higher opportunity to trigger the shield so you possibly get assaulted more than once when sleeping.
  • Defense – In this kind of base design focuses on getting more trophies and defending the Town Hall at all costs. Opponents will try to steal the resources but wont be easy for them to destroy it.
  • Hybrid – A little bit of both of the above.
clash of clans tricks

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General Advice on Town Hall Layouts

  • Wall Breakers have high splash damage, double walls are not as effective as they once where, since they could break both lines of Walls with one blast.
  • Leave some buildings outside as ‘buffers’. Most enemy troops will target those buildings while your defenses attack them.
  • Never put your storage units together. Enemies will be able to wipe our your resources with ease. Placed next to storage units Wizard Towers can work very well as they can easily eliminate large groups of Goblins within a few seconds.
  • Upgrade wall intersections (where walls meet perpendicular to each other) first.
  • Mortars do best in the center of your base. However, do not put Mortars directly next to each other, as two well-placed Lightning Spells will destroy them both.
  • At higher levels, Air Defenses do best in the center of your base.
  • Cover as many buildings as possible with a defense. This includes other defensive buildings.
  • Defenses should be spaced out so that they are neither too close nor too spread out. Defenses that are too close together cannot adequately protect the entirety of your village. Defenses that are too spread out cannot adequately protect each other and will be easily overwhelmed.

Attacking Like A Pro – Clash of Clans tricks

  • Town Hall Level: Any
  • Trophy Level: Any
  • Introduction: This is NEW strategy and it is an improved version of previous strategies “Tank and Spank (Trophy Hunting)”.
  • Army Composition: TROOP TYPE QUANTITY Goblins 1/6 Archers 1/2 Barbarians 1/3
  • Execution: Deploy 1 Archer per building outside the range of the enemy’s defense (often Builder’s Huts in the corners). Deploy ONE thin line of Barbarians on two of the sides of the enemy’s village. Deploy a thick line of Archers behind the Barbarians When the defenses have destroyed a Barbarian, just send another one so that there is minimal splash damage and a long shield for your Archers. When you got nearly 50%, deploy two groups of Goblins near the resources of your enemy to get fast the last percentages and some loot.
  • Conclusion: That’s it! Win around 80% of the matches with 1+ star.

Defending Like A King – Clash of Clans tricks

  • Town Hall Level: 7+
  • Trophy Level: Any
  • Army Composition: Minimum Housing Space Required: 180
    • Troop Type Quantity Min Lvl Housing Cost Minions: 12 1 24 72 DE Wall Breakers 5 3 10 10,000 Giants 5 4 25 10,000 Archers 61 4 61 9,760 Barbarians 60 4 60 4,800 Rage Spells 2 1 – 46,000 Lightning Spells 1 3 – 18,000 Totals – – 180 72 DE 98,560 Elixer Barbarian King and Archer Queen (if you have her). If you have additional space, add more Barbarians or Archers. Clan Castle troops are also useful.
  • Execution: Deploy all Giants as a meat shield for Wall Breakers. Deploy all Wall Breakers by Giants. Deploy all Barbarians spread apart by the area the Wall Breakers destroyed the Walls. Deploy all Archers and Minions, same method. Deploy Clan Castle Troops. Deploy both Heroes at the back. Cast Lightning Spell by Town Hall. Cast Rage Spells on large groups of troops fighting together.
  • Conclusion: With this strategy, Win 100%, and if not at least 1 star.

Well, these are quick tips & tricks for all the clash of clans lovers. Hope you’ve enjoyed few tips shared above. By the way, if you have something to share about clash of clan, feel free to tell us below via comments.

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