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Cheap Steamboat & BBQ Buffet in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

Cheap Steamboat & BBQ Buffet in Johor Bahru

It is undeniable that food does bring everyone together. Eating together at the same table strengthens the bond so everyone can stay in touch with their loved ones. No matter what food choice is made, food is relatively powerful because it evokes emotions and relationships in the diner. Its delicious taste and aroma can even help start a conversation!

In order to make your party more memorable and fun, I will recommend some barbecue and hot pot restaurants that are worth visiting.

1. Meletop Steamboat and Grill

Meletop Steamboat and Grill is the best place to go if you’re looking for a steamboat and bbq buffet that offers a variety of ingredients. It is located in Taman Teratai Johor Bahru.

The restaurant offers halal food and is situated in large premises that can accommodate around 160 tables or 800 people at a time. You don’t need to worry about availability of seats on weekdays and weekends.

Customers can order steamboat or bbq from the restaurants. These are served buffet-style and you can eat as much as possible for a fixed price. On weekdays, the price for an adult is RM22.90 while children are RM9.90. Weekend prices are slightly more expensive at RM27.90 per adult and RM11.90 per child.

There are two soup options for steamboats: chicken soup or tom yam. You can select one upon ordering. You can order as many as you like from the buffet table, which includes fresh vegetables as well as steamboat ingredients such tofu, fishball, and so forth.

Because the majority of the items served at the BBQ buffet are BBQ-friendly, it is highly recommended that you choose to use steamboats. Customers of BBQ buffets can choose from at least 20 kinds of well-marinated meat, including lamb, chicken, and beef. There are many marinades available, such as honey, black pepper and spicy, curry, and curry.

There are two options for seafood: self-service or non-self-service. You can choose from the buffet or grill your own seafood for the self-service option. Non-self-service seafood is available at the counter. The staff will prepare your seafood for you.

A minimum of 10 types of homemade sauce will be served at the buffet table. This will stimulate your taste buds and enhance the flavor of the grilled foods.

Another advantage is the availability of food that can be served immediately while you wait for your steamboat or barbecue ingredient to cook. This includes fried rice, noodles, fruits and desserts.

Meletop Steamboat and Grill offers free hot and cold beverages to all diners who dine in the restaurant. You can also get a free ice cream pop in a variety of flavors. You can even create your own ABC at their ABC table.

2. Ding Tan Huang

Ding Tan Huang is a great place to satisfy your hunger with delicious Korean and Japanese food! Ding Tan Huang serves customers mostly with Korean and Japanese buffet food. You are welcome to grab as many as you like until you run out of space in your stomach.

You can choose from at least 60 different ingredients for your steamboat buffet meal. These include fresh vegetables, fresh meats, bacon, fresh seafood, and various types of marinated meats. These ingredients are all guaranteed freshness because they are fresh from the source every day.

Upon ordering, you can choose your soup base. If you love spicy foods, kimchi soup is highly recommended. Ding Tan Huang’s Kimchi Soup Base is delicious and not too spicy. It has a sour kick in its red hot appearance. The soup base contains a large variety of ingredients, including scallions, pork slices, sliced dried tofu, and kimchis. This makes it a delicious meal that will keep everyone satisfied.

There are 20 different types of sushi on the buffet table. You can grab as many as you like, but you must finish it all! The restaurant also serves Korean’s LotTE soft drinks in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, banana, oranges and strawberry. These drinks will keep your cool while you enjoy your steamboat or grill.

After you’ve finished your steamboat buffet, don’t forget desserts or ice cream to complete your meal.

3. Golden Old Street (Jin Shan Kao Rou)

Are you tired of the same old Korean Steamboat and Korean BBQ? Golden Old Street is the place to go. The Korean restaurant elevates the flavor of the traditional Korean BBQ with cheese! !

Every customer is allowed to select one soup base from the menu when they order. Golden Old Street offers two soup bases, the Kimchi Soup Base or the Miso Soup Base. If you like spicy foods, it is a good idea to try their Kimchi Soup Base. Their Kimchi Soup Base is made with authentic Korean Kimchis and seasonings. It has a true Korean flavor.

Golden Old Street also offers free access to food ingredients. The huge variety of Korean food ingredients available at this Korean restaurant will delight every customer. To ensure freshness, all of these ingredients are kept in the refrigerator.

Cheese lovers can make Korean barbecue more delicious by adding cheese to your menu for as low as RM10. We all know cheese is the best friend of almost every type of food. It is undisputed that mozzarella cheese makes a wonderful combination with Korean barbecue and also fried chicken.

It’s heavenly! Imagine melting cheese wrapped around Korean BBQ meat. This caloric bomb should be eaten hot. The BBQ meat should still be tender and juicy. While the cheese melts, it is creamy and elastic. You will be begging for more of the melted mozzarella cheese.

You can refresh your tastebuds after enjoying the steamboat and barbecue feast. They use high-quality brands of ice creams, but theirs is good. Their ice cream menu includes many flavors, including strawberry, chocolate mint, mint, and yam. The best part?  You can have ice cream for free!

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