July 25, 2024


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How to create a cafe logo: methods and tips

cafe logo

Do you want to save money and control the process of creating a logo for a café? You can do it all yourself. For this process, you need to use the Turbologo online service and simple design tips. Read our recommendations, and then designing a good logo won’t be too difficult for you.

A logo is a memorable, concise symbol that represents your brand and its identity through the simplest image. A beautiful logo is more than just a picture and a set of letters. A good logo tells the story of your company: who you are, what you do, and the key benefits of your service.

The main reasons why a logo is important:

  • Science says that images are more effective for people than words. Café customers use visual cues. Therefore, it is essential for a brand logo to be easily recognizable and memorable.
  • Logos allow you to create branded merchandise that you can give as gifts to customers and use in tableware, napkins, and other café accessories. Even a good conversation is forgotten much f aster than useful merchandise, such as the branded teaspoon that you give a customer to see on their table every morning.
  • Logos help you stand out from the competition. There are many establishments on the market that are similar to yours, offering quality products to customers. A logo is a great key to getting your café noticed and remembered.

You can’t attract customers to a café without a great ambiance, a balanced menu, and impeccable service. An equally important factor in promoting your business is your logo. It is one of the main components of the success of your establishment. After all, the logo makes a café or restaurant recognizable before you even visit it.

How do you make a logo for a café?

café logo

Logo by Sazzad Hosen

You will be required to have some understanding of this art form. It is important that you take the time to be creative and make the right one. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out all the intricacies yourself. The following steps will guide you through the process of designing a logo that will successfully promote your cafe.

Types of logos

When creating your cafe image, you should put emphasis on the food on offer, the national cuisine. The accents will help people understand what kind of food is offered in the establishment. You can choose from 4 options for the café:

  1. Symbolic, in the form of geometric, abstract, or other figures. For example, Renault, Apple, or Mercedes;
  2. Textual, in the form of stylized letters with graphic elements. Amazon has a logo with a smile on it;
  3. Combination, text, and symbols. An example would be the Puma logo with the name and silhouette of an animal.
  4. Alphanumeric, such as 7up. These are often created from the first letters of the name, as was the case with D&G.

The font of the lettering, if there is one in the café logo, should preferably be chosen without fine detail. The customer should be able to see all the letters even on a small business card.  The text should be in harmony with the drawing.

Choice of image

The design of the logo should start with a sketch. Think of drawings in the form of a chef’s hat, crockery (cups, teapots), cutlery (knife, fork), and other details that speak of the café’s food. Next, the sketch needs to be painted. The usual colors for this business are:

  • Brown, and beige, are associated with natural ingredients, homemade bread, and freshly baked treats.
  • Subdued yellows, oranges, or reds radiate warmth, freshness, and solar energy and whet the appetite. In small doses, these shades give you a sense of optimism.
  • Black and white make you think of a cafe or a restaurant for “important people”. As extreme shades of grey, these colors evoke a sense of calm, reliability, and balance.

Most logos are monochrome. Using only one color will simplify other elements of your brand’s graphic design. Experiment with the color scheme.  Monochrome logos can also be repainted in different colors for different purposes. For example, green for teacups and brown for coffee cups.

Tips for design development

cafe logo

Logo by Mahmudul Hasan

Be sure to look at the competitors’ trademarks. We recommend that you open a map and look at the logos of cafés at least within a kilometer radius. Walk around and go to 2-3 of them. The main rule is that your logo should not be absolutely similar to those used by your competitors. Although you don’t have to be drastically different. If there are similar colors or fonts somewhere, that’s fine. 

It is important to consider the location of your cafe. A person should see your logo passing by on the other side of a wide street and recognise it among dozens of other signs. And if your cafe is located inside a building or in a narrow alley where people tend to walk close to the cafe, you can use more sophisticated graphics to attract the attention of customers.

The idea of creating your own logo may have seemed daunting to you. But now, with a deeper understanding of the design principles and steps in the process, you are already prepared to create a logo that you will be proud of!