June 25, 2024


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The Budget-Friendly Guide to Promoting Videos

Budget-Friendly ways to promote videos

Videos are a great way to promote your business. Wyzowl states that 86% of companies use videos to promote their business. 

Video marketing is a great way to promote your business and is crucial to promote your videos. You will grab more eyeballs on your business and, subsequently, more traffic to your website. 

Want to know how to promote your videos in a budget-friendly way? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This article focuses on how you can promote your videos in a budget-friendly way to help you promote your videos on a low budget. 


10 Ways to Promote Videos When You’re on A Budget

Listed below are ten ways you can promote your videos in a budget-friendly way:

Incorporate Share Buttons on Or Near Your Video Player

One of the easiest ways to promote your video via the internet on a budget is to make the sharing process easier. 

If you use video players on your landing page, ensure the share button is easily visible to your viewers. This way, the sharing process will become more accessible to the audience, and they can easily share your video if they enjoy watching it. As a result, your video will be promoted through sharing. 

Put Your Videos Higher on Your Page

Your videos should be higher on your business website. The more the video is prominent on your website, the more the play rate.

You can also embed your videos on the about us or the introduction section of your website. This way, people will view your video more, and the video will also help them navigate the website and know more about your business. 

Start a Video Campaign on Social Media

 A video campaign is a feasible and convenient way to promote your videos. 

Organically, you probably will not be able to get the desired amount of views on your video. Hence, you can run a campaign on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, where you can easily promote your videos and get views in a limited amount of time and budget. 

You can specify the funding you want to set for your campaign and start promoting your video. However, do not over-target and find leads to create your target audience. 

Use Twitter to Promote Your Video

Social media is one of the most ideal ways to promote your videos on a budget. 396.5 million users use Twitter, and 29% of video marketers will include twitter in their video marketing strategy. Therefore, you can use this social media platform to promote your video. 

Pin it on your Twitter feed so that when people visit your profile, they will first see your video.

You can also create a Twitter thread to promote your video. A tweet thread is trendy and engaging and allows you to explain the videos in detail. Link your video to the thread and describe the video in parts to promote your video. 

Use Instagram to Promote Your Video

Instagram is another great platform to promote your video. 

With approximately 1 billion users, Instagram is one of the most widely used and popular social media platforms. In addition, 68% of video marketers plan to use Instagram in their video marketing strategy. Therefore you must use this platform to promote your video. 

You can use tools like an online video editor to create snippets of your video or to make a compilation of your BTS or bloopers scenes while making the video and posting it on Instagram. 

The snippets or the BTS clips will intrigue the audience, and they will be compelled to watch your video. 

Build Strong Word of Mouth Around Your Video

Creating hype around your video is essential to promote your video. A strong word of mouth creates the necessary hype and intrigue around your video and compels the audience to watch it. 

To create a strong word of mouth, you must ask your known ones to spread the word about your video. You will also obviously have to make a spectacular video to fascinate people enough to praise your video to others.

So use a free video editor tool to create excellent, eye-catching videos to impress people and create hype and strong word of mouth around your video. 

Incorporate a Video Thumbnail in Your Newsletter

Budget-Friendly Guide to Promoting Videos

One of the most convenient ways to provide your video is to include the thumbnail of your video in your email newsletters.

You can embed your video thumbnail in the email you are sending to your audience and redirect them to watch the video. This way, you can promote your video on a budget without too many hassles.

According to research, a primary email with a video ensures a 96% click-through rate, and 54% of email subscribers prefer video emails. 

Link Your Video Landing Page Everywhere

One of the most common yet underrated ways to promote your video is by linking your landing page on your social media platforms and emails. For example, while sending out an email, you must ensure to attach your website to the email to gain more traffic and views on your video.

Similarly, use your social media platforms to promote your videos by linking your video landing website. This way, when people visit your social media account, they can click on the website to watch your videos. 

Use SEO to Promote Your Video

SEO is a thing mainly associated with writers; however, it is equally important to optimize your videos so that it ranks higher on search results. 

Since search engines like Google prefer more Youtube videos in their search results, you can also use the Youtube platform to upload your videos. 

Use a video editor to create attractive and relevant videos to upload on Youtube with appropriate hashtags and metadata to promote your video to the target audience on Youtube and Google search results. 


These are some budget-friendly ways to promote your videos on various platforms.

Of course, social media and SEO are essential factors in promoting your videos. Often, small businesses are hesitant to use video marketing as they think it’ll cost them too much. However, because of these budget-friendly ways, you can use video marketing to enhance your business. 

Now that you know about these methods to promote your videos related to your company and products on a budget. Remember to be consistent while posting videos to intrigue the audience and pique their interest.