April 14, 2024


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Best Education Software You Need To Use Today

best education software

The field of education, which evolves super fast, requires students to be up to date. Writing essays, creating projects, presentations also require more digital tools than 5 years ago and nowadays average students have to use educational software everyday. Certain software programs are free, while some come with a premium version. And they can get lost or be confused in picking the appropriate software to help with their studies. Additionally, when they are in the learning phase students may not want to pay any money for software. We have therefore created an inventory of the most popular free software for students to use for studying.

Before starting to enumerate, let’s define what software is. It is an instruction set of either data or programs designed to control computers and perform specific tasks. It’s a general word used to describe scripts, applications, or applications that run on devices. And software is usually divided into various categories. And today we will narrow down our research to educational web softwares for simplifying students’ lives.

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The Best Education Software Today

Google Classroom

A free learn management system (student – teacher chat, evaluation, online lessons etc).

Learn management systems (LMS) software gives an all-in-one place for class assignments, documentation, and training requirements as well as tools needed to plan and teach online, virtual lessons, attach assignments and get graded for tasks. As a tech giant that dominates the world of virtual collaboration it’s not surprising that Google offers a great free platform for all of the above. Google Classroom brings together all its most popular G Suite tools – such as Docs, Sheets and Hangouts, and everything is very useful for virtual classes.


Is a software for sending large files and photos around the world.

If you are looking for a way to send a file too large, such as a dissertation that usually is a minimum of 200 pages and after you receive it from studycrumb.com you have to send it somehow to your professor by an email attachment. And if the file is less than 2GB – you’re able to send the file using this browser-based tool but if it’s more, you might want to use WeTransfer for it.


A cloud-based notebook ideal for organizing the whole research in one place.

If you have to research a new project, you’ll require a space to store all of your notes and other resources. Evernote lets you upload 60MB of data each month (which is a lot when you’re mostly working with text) and it syncs between two different devices (the Mobile apps are free) and lets you share notes as well as notebooks in entirety with your friends and makes all the notes you’ve saved easily searchable.

Evernote also comes with web-based interfaces that means your notes can be accessed via any device with internet connection, including computers at the IT center or in the library that do not have the application installed.


Software for a visual analytics (graphs, charts etc)

best education software

Source: https://public.tableau.com/app/discover

This program is a visual tool that allows users to view data in graphs, charts, maps, charts, and other things to help identify patterns, create interactive dashboards, and design beautiful presentations using graphics for your assignments.

Tableau aids students in understanding huge amounts of data through displaying it in various ways that aid with their presentation. With the many amazing tools to utilize data analytics efficiently college students do not have anything to be concerned about. And what is more important – downloading and using the software is totally free. By the way, Tableau is highly adaptable to Windows and to Mac.


Tool for creating and editing photos, pictures, posters.

Canva can be described as a no-cost software for graphic design and illustration which has created visual material that is simpler to design. From creating posters to creating presentations, it is possible to create everything you want. Thanks to the simple interface it is very easy in use for almost everyone. And, what’s also useful – the software is available for desktops and mobile devices equally.

The tool autosaves work almost after each action, so you don’t have to be worried about losing your progress. You can design flyers and posters, as well as resumes and presentations. Additionally, it supports the collaboration of other students in order to collaborate on various tasks.


The utility for cleaning unwanted files and invalid entries.

Everyone must have already known about this software, but still it has to be listed here. Ccleaner helps you to clean your PC from the inside by deleting useless files and data. It’s easy to use, free of charge and you can download it for both – PC and mobile phone. The tool cleans unnecessary and harmful files. It also blocks ads from websites and detects browser fraud – you can say it’s a built-in security system for your device. And the tool is always improving by its owners.


There are a lot of programs available however, which are actually useful and necessary? If you’ve known these software before, but still haven’t tried them  – it’s necessary to check them out and see if it will help you. Students now have greater accessibility to work using every software listed above. Of course the list is much bigger, but who knows what exactly you need? That’s why we mentioned only universal programs for everyone.