May 25, 2024


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Top 3 Best App to Stream Live TV Channels

3 Best App to Stream Live TV

Top 3 Best App to Stream Live TV Channels

There are so many options for us to enjoy entertainment programs whether they are movies, live channels, Music, or so on. But technological advancement has made this possible for us to watch all these programs right on smartphones or tablets.

Especially Android smartphones are open and give so much freedom for the users. There are hundreds of thousands of apps that you can use on your phone for multiple purposes. So, when it comes to TV streaming apps, there are so many of them that users can use.

3 Best App to Stream Live TV

However, users need to be careful while choosing the apps or installing them on their phones. Because these are quite risky in multiple ways. So, therefore, it is hard to find apps that are safe and offer some interesting features for the users. These can be helpful for you to spend your leisure time.

In this article, I am going to discuss the 3 Best App to Stream Live TV. You might have heard about Pikashow App which is famous for live TV channels as well as movies. So, here I am going to share 3 more such apps that you can go through and do some research on whether they meet your requirements or not.

How to Watch Live TV on Smartphones?

As you know smartphones are quite flexible and offer multiple kinds of features apart from communication. You can use them for chat, calls, and so on. But it is offering powerful specs that allow users to play high-end games and watch entertainment programs.

The best part of these devices is that they offer better video quality that your TV devices cannot afford. Because most of the television sets or LEDs that offer high video quality are expensive. Therefore, most people cannot afford to have such kinds of devices.

But you get the same features on an Android phone. Even a low-end and cheapest smartphone can give you these features. So, you can watch live TV on Android smartphones or tablets by using an app or a program. These programs are just like many other apps that you use on the phone.

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So, in order to stream live channels, you need to install an app. However, these can be categorized into multiple groups. Some provide multiple channels or programs and some of them are dedicated to a single TV channel. Further, there are paid as well as free apps.

Free apps are mostly unauthorized and that is the reason why they provide free content. Meanwhile, the paid apps are authorized and you can get more quality and features than the free ones. Further, the premium applications are safe and reliable to use.

However, most people cannot afford them because they are quite expensive. Most of these apps charge hundreds of dollars every year or even sometimes they charge in a month. So, these are not in access of those who are reluctant to pay such huge prices.

Here I am going to mention the top 3 Best App to Stream Live TV Channels on Android phones. However, I am not recommending anyone of you use any of these apps. But I have written this article for the readers to educate them about such sources.

Inat Box

Inat Box is a platform or an app that you can download and use on Android mobile phones only. Because it is a third-party app unauthorized. However, it is offering not only Live Tv channels, but also it has a huge list of movies, series, and other kinds of videos.

You can find an unlimited number of entertainment programs in multiple categories and genres. Further, there are channels from different countries in multiple languages. So, that makes it a universal application that is suitable for all kinds of users.

YouTube Live TV

If you are looking for a platform where you can watch live TV channels for free and legally, then YouTube Live TV is the best choice for you. You don’t need to install the app separately because it is the built-in feature of the YouTube app.

So, you can simply go to the setting option in the app. There you will get an option of live TV. It is offering multiple kinds of categories and genres that you can enjoy for free of cost. But the best part is that you can also have premium items as well.

Pocket TV

If you want to watch your favorite programs safely and legally, then Pocket TV is the best choice for you. Moreover, they are offering free trials for the users. If you want to test or use its free services, then you can simply apply for the free trial and then enjoy the programs.


There are so many such apps where you can watch live channels and movies. But not all of them offer quality and safety. However, I don’t recommend you to install or use any of the apps. So, this article is intended to entertain and educate you.