June 21, 2024


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What is Azure database migration? – Benefits

azure migration

The rapidly evolving business and digital world makes it necessary to constantly monitor changes and trends. When you experience rapid growth, you need a flexible cloud to migrate quickly, reliably and securely. Azure database migration is a tool that helps you simplify, guide and automate database migration to the Azure platform.

Easily move data, diagrams and objects from multiple sources to the cloud at scale. For customers, this often means ongoing monthly savings of up to 31. 5% in addition to the initial savings associated with migrating from co-located data centers to the Azure cloud.

Characteristics and benefits we can have with Microsoft Azure migration

Database sensitive migration moves data, schemas and objects to the Azure platform. The highly resilient and self-repairing migration service provides reliable results with near-zero downtime.

Cost-effective solutions

You can migrate your IT infrastructure and enjoy savings on hardware and all the overhead costs you would otherwise be financially obligated to pay. If you want to save money on server hardware costs then azure cloud migration is for you. This includes everything from purchasing new components to complete servers. Flexible software licensing options are a big plus. The database migration service offers two pricing options. The Standard tier is free and the Premium tier is free for six months from the date of service creation.


Security, compliance, cross-compatibility for business continuity enable organizations to migrate to the cloud and start benefiting from a streamlined IT infrastructure. Almost all cloud DBaaS databases are built with strong threat protection, isolated VM instances, and robust access control and encryption. Many services provide industry compliance.

Business flexibility and improved scalability

The improved business flexibility is based on the Azure cloud. Such solutions will open the door to better access for employees and partners, faster innovation and shorter time to market. With local solutions, this is often accomplished in minutes rather than weeks. With increased access to advanced tools and best practices, the speed of development cycles has increased significantly. The cloud offers strong resources and highly scalable computing resources with minimal capacity constraints.

How can Atech help with Azure migration?

Migration projects can be a challenging experience that involves significant change in any business. Many of the questions you ask are very specific to your business and require the right level of knowledge and skill to ensure the least amount of disruption.

Clear timelines and cost transparency build trust in your cloud partner! With Atech, even after the migration, you have an expert on hand to ensure consistent performance, month after month. Atech can help you accelerate your migration initiatives and manage your resources on the Azure platform, so you can get monthly productivity from the cloud.

With experience in assessing and mapping IT environments and ensuring the highest possible security and availability, Atech is the perfect candidate for the job!