May 22, 2024


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Alcatel – Reset Android – Part 2

If you want to reset Android on the Alcatel One Touch XPOP and you’re thinking about taking it into a service, then please try this tutorial first: You will keep your money by doing the job youruself.

Reset Android On your Alcatel One Touch XPOP

We will teach you two different ways to reset the Android on the Alcatel One Touch XPOP and return it to its original state.

For the first reset Android technique, we will use the applications menu inside your Alcatel One Touch XPOP, so it’s necessary to have fully functioning phone. This method will prove easy and effective if you want to sell or give away your Alcatel One Touch XPOP but first want to erase all your personal data and configuration.

If your Android mobile operating system is failing or you actually have a lock pattern in effect on your Alcatel One Touch XPOP, then the second reset Android technique will do the work for you.

Reset Android on the Alcatel One Touch XPOP By menu

You need to follow the steps below in order to reset Android on your Alcatel One Touch XPOP:

  1. From Android’s main screen, open configuration settings menu.
  2. Navigate into backup and restore
  3. Select Factory data reset


In order to reset Android on your Alcatel One Touch XPOP with this method, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your phone and wait 10 seconds to continue
  2. Press the VOLUME UP button, while holding it, also press and hold the POWER button
  3. If done properly, you will see an emergency recovery menu. If the phone starts normally, just try again from step 1.
  4. Move with the VOLUME buttons into “Wipe data / Factory reset”, then press the power button to confirm.
  5. Do the same with the prompt that appears below “Yes – Delete all user data”, wait for the process to finish
  6. Now just press the power button to restart your Alcatel One Touch XPOP and when you start again you’ll see that will remain in the initial settings screen

This tutorial will teach you two different methods to reset Android on your Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe.

The hard reset procedure may prove effective if your Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe is behaving slowish, or it just started giving errors.

This tutorial will prove useful even if you have forgotten the lock pattern on the Android lock screen.

Both reset Android methods end in the same way: You will get a factory defaulted Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe phone. However, it will depend on the state in which your phone is, to select which method to apply.

First way to reset Android On your Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe

If you still have working access to the Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe menu then this is your method to reset Android:

Navigate into the menu Settings> Backup and Restore > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything and restart the phone mode first use.

An advantage of this first method is that in the last screen you can choose if you want to also erase all data on the Micro SD card (or not).

how to RESET Android on a blocked ALCATEL ONE TOUCH HD SCRIBE 

There is also a way to reset Android on your Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe if you are left out of it because you forgot the pattern lock password (or a third party changed it for you). In this case, we must enter into recovery mode Android emergency menu.

To access it performs the following steps :

  1. Make sure your phone has at least 50 % of battery, then turn it off
  2. Press the VOLUME UP key, along with the POWER OFF key , and wait for the phone’s screen to power up, completely blank.
  3. Just then release the buttons and wait for the reset Android process to be carried out automatically
  4. After a few minutes the phone will restart in Factory default mode.

As a reference, the Alcatel OT-985 hit the market to stand as one of the best low-mid range options.

Today we will see how to reset android and thus manage to unlock Android on Alcatel OT-985 with two simple methods:

The first of these two methods is done selecting a combination of buttons that provide access to a hidden  support menu where we can restore our phone to its original factory default settings.

This process is used mostly by people who have no access to the  Android operating system of the phone at all, when the phone gets stuck at startup or when we have forgotten the unlock pattern.

Unlock Android Alcatel OT-985 using the buttons

To perform a hard reset or factory reset, you must be sure that your phone has at least 20% battery, then we should follow the following steps:

  1.  With the phone off press the volume button less and the power button at the same time, when you turn the screen also press the start button (home) to use the Alcatel Android Manager to restore the phone to the original factory settings, it’s easy and intuitive.
  2. With this we will have a Alcatel OT-985 completely renovated to the factory settings now see the second method, this can be done from within the Android operating system menu.

Unlock Android ALCATEL OT-985 through the menu

This method can be very useful if we have access to the device menu and want to reset the phone for being slow or unstable, so it is advisable to make a backup of our files since this and the previous method erases all data from the phone without exception.

To reset the phone using the menu we have to go to Settings> Privacy> Factory data reset> Reset phone> Erase everything, wait for the process to be done and enter the initial settings.

With these simple steps we can unlock Android on our Alcatel OT-985 successfully and as always, doubts are resolved in the comments.