July 19, 2024


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Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD – Reset Android

This tutorial will teach you two different methods to reset Android on your Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe.

The hard reset procedure may prove effective if your Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe is behaving slowish, or it just started giving errors.

This tutorial will prove useful even if you have forgotten the lock pattern on the Android lock screen.

Both reset Android methods end in the same way: You will get a factory defaulted Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe phone. However, it will depend on the state in which your phone is, to select which method to apply.

First way to reset Android On your Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe

If you still have working access to the Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe menu then this is your method to reset Android:

Navigate into the menu Settings> Backup

and Restore > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything and restart the phone mode first use.

An advantage of this first method is that in the last screen you can choose if you want to also erase all data on the Micro SD card (or not).

how to RESET Android on a blocked ALCATEL ONE TOUCH HD SCRIBE 

There is also a way to reset Android on your Alcatel One Touch HD Scribe if you are left out of it because you forgot the pattern lock password (or a third party changed it for you). In this case, we must enter into recovery mode Android emergency menu.

To access it performs the following steps :

  1. Make sure your phone has at least 50 % of battery, then turn it off
  2. Press the VOLUME UP key, along with the POWER OFF key , and wait for the phone’s screen to power up, completely blank.
  3. Just then release the buttons and wait for the reset Android process to be carried out automatically
  4. After a few minutes the phone will restart in Factory default mode.