May 30, 2024


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Acer Liquid – Reset Android

In this tutorial we will teach you how to reset Android in the Acer Liquid X2 in such a simple way that it will seem like child’s play.

You can reset Android to get rid of slowness, errors or even if you have an active locking pattern that you have forgotten in your Acer Liquid X2.

However, this procedure will have no effect to remove a previously entered Google accounts, nor does it eliminate IMEI locks.

Your Android operating system will be completely clean, free from custom configurations, which will be ideal to give or resell your Acer Liquid X2.

The two methods presented require that  the battery of your Acer Liquid X2 be charged at least up to 80%, and in this way avoid an unexpected shut down that could damage the Android operating system.

If you still have full access to the Android operating system, you should go to the first method. If there is a serious error or a lock pattern you do not remember then use the second method, it will be ideal to recover functions.

To reset Android on your Acer Liquid X2 and return it to its factory settings, you only need to enter the applications menu and select the option settings application. Then go to Backup and Restore, and tap Restore factory data. Additional settings will appear, select the appropriate ones for your case and then press Reset phone. Select Clear All and confirm the option to start the process, which will take a few minutes and at the end you will have an Acer Liquid X2 as fresh from the factory.

To reset Android on your Acer Liquid X2 you must follow these steps:

  • Turn off your Acer Liquid X2 and wait a few seconds to continue
  • Press the minus volume button at the same time as the power button, and hold. When the recovery menu appears, release both buttons
  • In the recovery menu, navigate with the volume buttons to the option Wipe data / Factory reset, and press the power button to confirm
  • Do the same to select the option Yes – Delete all user data, the process will start automatically when you confirm the option using the power button.
  • When the reset is finished, restart your Acer Liquid X2 by pressing the power button.

You should now have been able to reset Android in the Acer Liquid X2, but if you have questions, please leave your comment and we will help you as soon as possible.